Because every medication choice matters.

Optimize your medication stewardship program to help improve patient outcomes.

Clinical pharmacy

BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor automates the process of aggregating and standardizing clinical data to empower clinician intervention. Help advance medication stewardship and patient safety by streamlining your pharmacy’s workflow and utilizing analytic insight to identify areas of opportunity. Ours helps empower your Medication Stewardship Program by:

  • Providing you with relevant clinical information to evaluate treatment options, including organism susceptibility, general laboratory data, administration data, and vitals information
  • Combining customized alerts with analytic insights to help pharmacists and clinicians monitor and measure the impact of antimicrobial resistance and adverse drug event trends

How we help

We understand the obstacles faced by clinical pharmacists and physicians, and can partner with your organization to deliver evidence-based solutions.

Improve visibility

We empower customized alerting and highlight opportunities for intervention, helping to identify patients at risk for adverse events or candidates for medication stewardship.

Drive prioritization

We help provide the information necessary to determine allocation of pharmacy resources by translating your data into actionable insights.


BD HealthSight™ Clinical Advisor helps:


Detect patients for medication stewardship intervention or potential adverse events.


Optimize workflow to spend more time with the patient and less time on administrative burdens.


Leverage system-wide analytics to help drive organizational visibility and insights helping to improve the prioritization of clinical, operational and financial outcome initiatives.


Identify at-risk patients
  • Generate alerts for medication orders and lab results
  • Trend pathogens of interest and antibiotic resistance
  • Prepopulate and document organism susceptibility
  • Document patient events requiring intervention
Empower clinical intervention
  • Filter, add and review comprehensive patient data
  • Evaluate MDROs, impact of interventions and drug utilization
  • Compare regional and national antibiotic resistance data
  • Evaluate trends in antimicrobial drug usage
Advance health system insights
  • Benchmark organizational trends across the health system, region and like institutions
  • Tailor analytic dashboards to specific initiatives and measure impact of clinical programs

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