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Turn your data into clinical action with insights that help identify and prevent infections.

Infection prevention

BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined™ Insights (formerly MedMined™ Surveillance Advisor) is a comprehensive solution that combines ongoing clinical surveillance of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) with clinical support and educational tools. This solution helps hospitals optimize their workflows, streamline regulatory reporting, and enhance day-to-day infection prevention. As a result, clinicians are empowered to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care.

You can also apply a quality marker, Nosocomial Infection Marker (NIM), identified from a highly sensitive and specific algorithm to data derived from your facility. This proprietary algorithm then transforms data into actionable intelligence to help identify clinically relevant patterns marking the presence of infections agents. NIMs can be used as an objective, reproducible, clinical case finding tool to benchmark quality initiatives in an organization. Because NIM rates are correlated with cost, length of stay (LOS) and chart review findings associated with HAIs, they can be integrated with hospital accounting data to provide viable indicators to the financial impact from infection at your facility or across your system.

How we help

We understand the obstacles faced by infection preventionists and are committed to delivering solutions to address them.

Improve visibility

Leverage actionable analytics to help improve visibility of key initiatives in your health system.

Drive prioritization

Leverage insights from your health system data to help advance patient care, improve resource efficiency and improve financial outcomes.


BD HealthSight™ Infection Advisor with MedMined™ Insights (formerly MedMined™ Surveillance Advisor) helps:


Detect likely cases of HAIs for proactive clinical intervention.


Streamline workflows and automate reporting for required HAI submissions to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).


Turn your data into actionable insights enabling standardization of infection prevention best practices to help improve patient outcomes.


Identify key insights
  • Help detect at-risk patients
  • Integrate disparate data to support timely surveillance
  • Retrieve historical patient data
Empower clinicians
  • Associate HAIs and/or devices for NHSN reporting
  • Customize workflow tools for rounding and cross-department collaboration
  • Setup email notifications to alert clinicians to at-risk patients
Advance health system insights
  • Benchmark organizational trends across hospital, health system or region
  • Incorporate analytic tools for infection types impacting readmissions and length of stay
  • Tailor dashboards to specific initiatives to measure clinical program impact

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